This is Aperitivo!

You love vermouth, want to learn more about quinquinas and can’t imagine lunch without a low ABV drink of some description —especially if it’s got some European flavours? You’ve come to the right place. Aperitivo! is a newsletter by François Monti, one of the world’s foremost aperitivo expert (yeah, that’s a job description or at least I’d like it to be), and we will explore all aspects of pre-lunch and pre-dinner drinking cultures.

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François Monti

A Belgian drinker who writes, François Monti is the author of three books, including El Gran Libro del Vermut and 101 Cocktails to Try Before You Die. He is usually found near his home in Madrid, drinking vermouth on tap or, on rare rainy days, looking for cocktails in movies. Since 2020, he is the World’s 50 Best Bars Academy Chair for Spain and Portugal. He is also the author of the Spanish-language and cocktail focused newsletter Jaibol.

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